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Deep Tissue:  Massage for Specific and Chronic Conditions

Deep Tissue Massage is a clinical approach directed to treating specific problem areas in muscles and in the connective tissue called fascia.

Injuries, chronic pain, or habitual posture and movement patterns can cause a muscle to continuously contract, known as a spasm, and adhesions to form within and between muscle fibers and fascia causing them to stick together.  These spasms and adhesions not only cause pain, but limit mobility and the circulation of blood and lymph needed to nourish, lubricate, and remove metabolic byproducts from the area.  The stimulation from Deep Tissue massage can also promote the growth of new collagen in an injurered area.

Deep Tissue massage works to reduce the muscular tension and adhesions, allowing fuller and easier movement, improving local circulation, and decreasing pain.  Deep Tissue massage is not intended for relaxation, and may involve discomfort.  Pain does not mean that the massage is better though.  Deep Tissue does not necessarily mean massaging muscles further underneath your skin than the outermost layer of muscle.
Deep Tissue involves a combination of techniques that may used during your massage.  Typically more pressure is used, with slow strokes, direct pressure or friction directed along and across the muscle fibers using fingers, thumbs, or the elbow.  Sometimes the muscles may be moved and stretched simultaneously with applied pressure.  A massage may involve Deep Tissue in some areas and more general Swedish massage in others.


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