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Steven Rice, Certified Massage Therapist

Steven Rice, Certified Massage Therapist

I believe that everyone is able to benefit from bodywork. For many there is a specific physical problem needing therapy, for others there is the opportunity to enhance existing wellness.

My clients have a wide range of ages and activity levels. While many clients are dedicated athletes, many seek my skills to help with the pain and stiffness caused by too much time sitting at a desk. My work is also popular with people who prefer to receive relaxation massage from a therapist with advanced skills and experience.  Prior studies of Thai and Hawaiian massage have also influenced my style.

I take pride in my ability to listen to the needs of my clients and to address their concerns, and encourage feedback during the massage.   My approach is to help with your immediate treatment goals while giving guidance for long term care.  Knowing that my clients are losing their pain, improving at their sport, or escaping from a stressful week gives me enormous satisfaction in doing my job.

My education includes over 1300 hours of state approved training in bodywork, with certification as an Advanced Bodywork Therapist. My experience includes providing massage in health clubs, spas, a chiropractic office, and a yoga studio. I am constantly studying to increase my knowledge, regularly receive bodywork to learn from other therapists, and exercise to maintain my own fitness.
I am also a Certified Personal Trainer(CPT) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM), and am certified to offer the Functional Movement Screen(FMS). Being able to receive both massage and training from the same provider is a unique benefit available for you.
This extensive training and practice, together with a sincere interest in helping you, will make your session both clinically effective and at same time deeply relaxing.

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Positive Massage Therapy client feedback:

Steven's massage is among the best I've ever had. He manages to both relieve my pain and relax me, which requires close attention to what my body is doing as well as a calming presence.  And his music is great!

He is exceptionally skilled at finding the places in my back and neck that are tight and painful; after a massage with Steven I find that I move with more ease and less tension.  Steven's massages have greatly improved my quality of life.

-Kathy S., Menlo Park



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